The Association of Cannabis Specialists has multiple working committees that envision, plan, and implement the outreach and advocacy of the association. Below are the mission statements of each committee, and the current members.

Current Committees:


The Education Committee produces educational events and materials for both Cannabis Specialists and referring clinicians.

Stacia Woodcock, PharmD – Chair
Junella Chin, DO
Jessica Anuszkiewicz

Political Action

The Political Action Committee provides evidence, testimony, and guidance to governmental and non-governmental groups to help implement legal and regulatory systems that benefit cannabis patients and the clinicians who care for them.

Jordan Tishler, MD – Chair
Diana Martins-Welch, MD

Dispensary Committee

The Dispensary Committee promulgates a rating system by which dispensaries can be evaluated and accredited by the ACS. Further it provides a similar system for specific products assuring that they meet ACS standards.

Adam Abodeely, MD – Chair

Institutional Caregiver

The Institutional Caregiver Committee develops and implements plans to provide care and access to cannabis medicine to patients who reside in institutions such as nursing homes, rehabilitation hospitals, and hospice.

Yosef Glassman, MD – Chair
Beth Dost, NP
Ryan Zaklin, MD
Roderic Gotula, MD


The Outreach Committee focuses on recruiting new members, and increasing ACS visibility to the public.

Jill Becker, MD – Chair


The Fundraising Committee seeks donations from individuals and corporations to support ACS activities in a blind, non-quid-pro-quo manner.


The Journal Committee oversees the publication of the ACS online, open-access journal that focuses on practical application of cannabis in medicine.