The Association of Cannabis Specialists needs your involvement. It’s your voice that we seek to represent and it’s your dedication that’ll get us where we need to go. Both clinicians and non-clinicians are welcome.

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Patients need access to safe, reliable, evidence-based medicine, and physicians need the tools to provide it.

The Association of Cannabis Specialists ensures the highest standards in the practice of Cannabis Medicine, safeguards patient care with clinical best practices, and interfaces with other stakeholders in the Cannabis community. We believe that patients are uniquely vulnerable, and have very different needs than recreational users. We provide evidence and experience based education for patients, cannabis clinicians, referring clinicians, and lawmakers to help them understand cannabis medicine and make informed decisions. Through these efforts we will increase awareness of Cannabis as medicine, and Cannabis physicians as legitimate specialists.

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The ACS is your voice to government. We represent your needs and expectations of how government should treat patients and provide clinicians the tools to treat them.

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The ACS rates dispensaries and cannabis products so that patients and providers know that those dispensaries or products meet our standard.

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The ACS provides educational materials to help you stay current in the fast-paced arena of cannabis medicine. We also provide education for referring clinicians to help them understand what cannabis medicine can do for their patients and how cannabis specialists can be a vital part of the patient’s care team.

Benefits of Membership

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Physicians and other clinicians need a voice in the discussion around laws and regulations of medical cannabis. The ACS is your voice:

  • On Capitol Hill
  • To your state legislature
  • To your medical societies
  • To your peers
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The science and practice of cannabis medicine is rapidly evolving, with new discoveries that could change your practice on a daily basis. Keep up to date:

  • Basic cannabis science
  • Best practices
  • Political advances
  • How to interface with non-cannabis specialist referring clinicians
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There is strength in numbers. Connect with your peers who take patient care and cannabis medicine seriously. Advance your career:

  • Meeting key scientists on the forefront of discovery
  • Connect with like-minded physicians
  • Learn about new products or techniques to benefit your patients